Summer is upon us.  The sun is out and the days are heating up.  One of our team’s pet peeves is seeing dogs left unattended in vehicles.  It’s a horrible feeling to walk past a dog barking and panting in a car with only the windows crack.  At 70 degrees, it’s already too hot to leave your furry friend waiting for you in your vehicle while you run errands.  If you don’t believe a car can get that hot that fast, try sitting in it for awhile yourself after parking.

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If you have to be gone from home for longer than you’d like your pup to be alone, hire a professional pet sitter to visit in your absence!  You can use the free locators systems on NAPPS and PSI to find listing of professional companies near you by zip code.  This way you can take care of your household shopping needs and your special doggy friend doesn’t have to worry about heatstroke.

For those of you that feel as we do seeing a dog in a hot vehicle, here are some actions you can take:

  • If your up for it, collect the vehicle information (make, model, color, tag#) and alert nearby businesses to see if the owner can be found.  Some people just aren’t aware of the consequences behind their actions.
  • Know other resources to contact.  All police departments have a non-emergency number you can call.  This number is often the Animal Control contact number as well.  You can call and report your concerns. and stay until help arrives.
  • Don’t break into the car.  Unfortunately dogs and vehicles are seen as the same type of “property” according to the law.  If you break a car’s window, even to save a life, you will be held responsible for your illegal actions.  Call Animal Services, report the problem, wait for them to arrive if you can.
  • Spread the word about heat safety for pets.
  • Lobby to have Colorado state laws changed to protect our canine companions.


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