Free Meet and Greet Consultation

We want to have an opportunity for you to meet us and for us to meet you.  In home pet care is a very personal thing.  We want to make sure we’re the right match for you.

Play Dates

Our Play Dates are 30 minute to 1 hour care visits tailored to meet your pet’s specific needs.  We bill based on time rather than activity that way you can ask for what you need.  Play Dates typically include feeding, a water refresher, a walk for our doggy clients, litter box cleaning for our kitty clients, and lots of TLC.

Quick Visits

Our Quick Visits are 15 minute visits for shy kitties or pocket pets and 20 minute visits for pups who just need a potty break or some food/water set out set.

Overnight Stay

Our overnight care covers 12 hours of time at your home.  Why 12 hours?  Because we wanted to make sure your pet receives the best care we can provide.  Even if you count 8 hours for sleeping, that leaves 4 hours of care time dedicated to your furry friend!  Overnight care typically begins between 7-8pm and includes evening and morning feedings, walks, and playtime for the pets as well as basic household care such as water house plants, mail/newspaper/delivery pick-up, and weekly trash removal if applicable.

Home Stay

A Home Stay is as close as we can come to 24hr care.  Home Stays are our Overnight combined with 6 additional hours of on site care tailored to meet your needs.  Home Stay are great for puppies, senior pets, and those with medical needs.

Specialty Items

Tuck-me-in, Kiss me Goodnight–(SPECIAL REQUEST limited availability currently)  Special late night potty break

Lawn Care
After pet pick-up, watering outdoor yard/plants. (Prices quoted per request for these services)

Run Errands
Grocery run to have the fridge ready for your return, package pick up or delivery, etc. (Prices quoted per request for these services)