A Little about Me

My name is Brittany, and I moved to the wild west a year ago, after doing graduate work in theatre at Yale and Carnegie Mellon. As they are for a lot of people, pets have always been a part of my life. I grew up with cats, dogs, hamsters, fish–even salamanders [that I dragged home in a bucket from the local pond, much to my mother’s dismay]. Even with the craziness of graduate school, I knew that I could always make time for a furry friend!

Pet sitters hold a very special place in my heart. As a child, my family traveled frequently, so having pets–especially our Westie, Sassy–was very challenging. After struggling through kennel after kennel, we finally found a responsible pet sitter who boarded Sassy in her home every time we left town. Although she may not have realized it, she made a huge impact on our lives; because of people like her, families like mine were able to enjoy the gift of pets.

This blessing is one that I want to pay forward. If the only thing standing between you and having a pet is frequent travel, or inability to walk the dog during the workday, then I can provide you with a solution: me! My pet-sitting philosophy is twofold:

1. It’s about the pet: I treat clients’ pets with the same care and respect with which I treat my own.
2. It’s also about the pet parent: I create an environment that the parent is trusting of and comfortable with.

If you’re looking for a responsible, helping hand with your pets,then I am only a phone call away!

Training and Education

Pet First Aid

  • PetTech offers CPR and first aid training specifically for dogs and cats. I received certification through their PetSaver Program, an 8hr course designed to cover the basics in pet first aid and wellness. Recertification occurs every 2yrs through additional class time and training.

Volunteer Involvement and Other Community Activities

  • Freelance Stage Manager, Production Manager, and Lighting Designer (or Props, or Sound, etc.)
  • Freelance Technical Theatre teacher for kids ages (approximately) 10 through 22