A Little about Me

I am a stay at home mom and professional pet cuddler (ha!) who has always loved caring for animals! I have had pets my entire life (dogs, birds, fish) and have cared for many of my friends’ pets (dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, fish, geckos, iguanas and even caiman alligators!). My pets are my fur babies and I know how stressful boarding can be, so I am so happy to offer an alternative that you can trust to love and care for them the way you ask. I love to play and walk with the younger, more active ones and snuggle and comfort the older, calmer ones. I can’t wait to meet your furry or reptilian kids and help put your mind at ease for those times that you need a little help!

Training and Education

Pet First Aid

  • PetTech offers CPR and first aid training specifically for dogs and cats. I received certification through their PetSaver Program, an 8hr course designed to cover the basics in pet first aid and wellness. Recertification occurs every 2yrs through additional class time and training.

Our Rat Terrier-Italian Greyhound dog Misha loves Julie!!! Julie is warm, loving and genuine in her love of dogs. Misha is always so excited to see Julie and starts wagging her tail and whining as soon as she knows she’s near.  Julie is kind and considerate of her needs as an older 11 year old dog and always sends us pictures so we can see how happy Misha is.  We have never been disappointed with the care Julie has given our pup. She is most definitely our go to for fill in mama and family care for our little “pork pie”! -Mercy M