A Little About Me

I’m a 35yr old with a go-getter personality.  I have a passion for using some good old ingenuity and the resources available to accomplish the tasks at hand, firmly believing that “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”  My love for animals has led me to establish Must Love Fur, LLC.  I hope to develop it from a personal enterprise into a resource that fully serves the community.

My life has always been full of animals from spending summers at my grandmother’s 36 acre horse farm/boarding facility to romping with the various pets my family cared for as I grew up.

I’ve been pet sitting off and on since college.  My love of animals has also been shown through volunteer involvement.  Whether it’s helping out at local shelters or other Non-Profits like the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center, I find myself feeling most satisfied in life when serving the animal population of our world and the other human beings that lend care and guardianship to them.

Training and Education

Pet First Aid

  • PetTech offers CPR and first aid training specifically for dogs and cats. I received certification through their PetSaver Program, an 8hr course designed to cover the basics in pet first aid and wellness. Recertification occurs every 2yrs through additional class time and training.
  • Certified PetTech Instructor

PSI Certified Professional Pet Sitter

  • CPPS is a “comprehensive educational program” designed to help pet care providers grow to be their best. Certification is maintained by obtaining 30 Approved Credit Units (otherwise know as continuing education units/credits in the academic world) during each 3yr cycle.PSI-CPPS-logo

NAPPS Professional Pet Care Certification

  • “The certification program is a broad-range and in-depth self-paced course covering all topics relevant to pet sitting, including pet care, health, nutrition and behavior for a variety of animals. It also includes business development and management, pet safety and a complete pet first aid course. Certification acknowledges that the pet sitter is a serious professional who has obtained a high level of expertise through study through NAPPS University.” -NAPPS website


Certificate course in Animal Psychology

Volunteer Involvement and Other Community Activities

Member Denver Metro Coyote Watch project – This project seeks to promote a healthy coexistence between humans and area wildlife through trained volunteer involvement and community education.

Volunteer with NAPPS

Past volunteer with Birds of Prey Foundation.  I loved seeing these beautiful creatures receive proper care and rehabilitation so they could return to the wild where they belong.

"We had Megan stay at our house for a week. She watched our two dogs, cat, tarantula, hermit crabs and frog. I felt very confident that the animals were in great hands. She sent photos and updates which showed the animals enjoying life as usual. Upon return the animals were happy to see us but not as they usually are when they are boarded. I assume because they got so much love and attention in our absence that our return was somewhat underwhelming to them :). The house was completely clean when we got back even though Megan had been staying overnight and essentially living in the house. I would absolutely use her service again."

− Lisa M

"This is the first time that I have used MLF for the care of my pets-Angel and
Oreo. I can say that I was very pleased with the attention to details and letting
me know what happened at each home visit. Thank You."

− Judy S

"Megan is fantastic and took very good care of our babies. I appreciated her taking them on walks every morning as that is their routine. She also took great care to water our flowers every night in addition to other house chores. She is dependable, responsible and I trust her judgment! I appreciate that Megan does overnight stays and knew our dogs were receiving great care and attention. I did not worry about them while on vacation. Will most definitely have her sit with them in the future!"

− Debra C

"I was fortunate enough to work with Megan this past year and found I had myself a natural born pet sitter!! Her work ethic is amazing and her love for the animals in her care was so obvious no matter how naughty the animals! When Megan started her own company, I hired her right away to do overnights for my three dogs and a frog. While traveling in Belize, we received emails with our babies photos and it made the trip 100% better knowing the dogs were being “over-loved.” in Megan’s care. Most impressive was her ability to walk all three dogs at the same time!! No one has ever accomplished this before. She is amazing and I will always be confident that any animal in her care is getting the best care possible."

− Tammy A

"Megan has done a great job taking care of my dog on daily visits while I’m working late. I really appreciate her attention to detail in documenting everything that happened during her visits. I know that my dog is in good hands with Megan, and he really enjoys the daily walks."

− Thad M

"Megan did an amazing job looking after our golden retriever. We were very happy knowing that Charlie was getting great care while we were travelling. I highly recommend that you have Megan look after your furry children."

− Tom W

"I was referred to Megan by other dog sitters. I wanted some effort that was a little higher than the norm. (Norm = two 30 minutes visits a day – pet them, feed and water them and leave) Megan and I discussed what I wanted and she recommended overnight stays for the 18 day period I was gone. I wanted more personal attention and more exercise for my three dogs. Two of my dogs – 5 year old a German wirehaired pointer and 5 year old a German short hair pointer need exercise to remain calm during periods of being alone and I have a 13 year old golden retriever that has some health issues. This overnight process worked or very well for me and my dogs. The service was fairly priced. Megan did an excellent job. Megan listened to my requirements and responded to meet my needs. If you are looking for good service, call Megan."

− Jim M

"Megan did a great job in caring for my diabetic cat Chloe. She takes note of every detail and gives 100% of herself in providing caring and competent service. I appreciate knowing Chloe is safely under Megan’s watchful eye!"

− Valerie B

"Megan (Must Love Fur) has pet / house sat (2 dogs and 4 chickens) for us for the last 2 or 3 years. I am totally comfortable leaving her to care for our furry (and feathered) loved ones. She is extremely responsible and resourceful, I am comfortable that she could handle any situation that might arise. We have never come back to find any problems.
Megan plays with our girls and attends well to our older dogs medication regimen. Megan takes care of our pets from her heart. She just loves animals and the animals LOVE Megan. They get quite excited when she comes for a visit."

− Phyllis V

"We have been using Megan to dog /house sit for over a year now, I don’t worry about a thing when we’re away, I know my dogs will get lots of love and attention and that the house is in very good hands. I can’t say enough about how lucky we are to have found Megan. She is very reliable and responsible and I hope to keep on using her for a very long time."

− Cathy M

"I highly recommend Must Love Fur. I had Megan stay with my chihuahua for 2 nights . It was great knowing my dog was loved and cared for so I could enjoy my trip. I would use her again- her love of animals is a very special gift !!"

− Cindy L