A Little about Me

My name is Paige and I have been in Colorado for ~2 ½ years, since starting my Bachelors in Political Science and Philosophy at CU Boulder. My love for animals began at a very early age. I grew up with hamsters, dogs, cats and fish—I cannot think of a time in my life that a pet hasn’t been a part of it. My understanding and respect for animals began with my grandmother when she taught me how to read an animal’s body language.
Today I am a crazy cat mom to four kooky cats: Archimedes, Artemis, Ares and Ra. They have me wrapped around their paws—and they know it! Needless to say, our home is never quiet.
As a pet owner myself I understand the difficulty in finding someone that you can trust to take care of your pets. Whenever I leave town I want the person who is taking care of my pets to be compassionate, responsible and trustworthy. I typically require photos and want to know every detail and update on my fur babies. When someone is staying at my house, I also want that person to respect my home (in addition to my pets). You can rest assured that your pets are safe and respected under my care.

Training and Education

Pet First Aid

  • PetTech offers CPR and first aid training specifically for dogs and cats. I received certification through their PetSaver Program, an 8hr course designed to cover the basics in pet first aid and wellness. Recertification occurs every 2yrs through additional class time and training.

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