What is upcycling?  Upcycling is “Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful.”


I started teaching myself how to sew because I wanted to be able to save money. And I got a sewing machine as a wedding gift. I come from a long line of environmental activists, my mother started Keep Utopia Beautiful and is still an acting board member. I am very proud of my mom and her accomplishments. My sister Amanda works for the State of Oregon Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. I am also proud of her putting together proposals for recycling within the state of Oregon. So naturally, being a pet sitter, I am a pet lover. I also want to help our environment and I enjoy saving money. SO I am teaching myself to make things that I can not afford, utilizing resources readily available.


Creating custom dog beds began when I wanted to buy a new dog bed for my dogs. I went to the usual pet stores and was amazed at the prices! In sticker shock, I sat in my basement looking at my sewing machine and it hit me, there are tons of old clothes and other textiles available and the idea of making my own custom dog beds was born. I started with materials that I already had, old jeans and fabric shower curtains. (I LOVED the shower curtain but my husband wanted a new one. Now there was no need to throw it away!) I also had been utilizing FreeCycle for other things in my life, and I hit the jack pot on gently used jeans! Next I bought remnant fabric from fabric stores! This made my options only as endless as my materials. I made my pups their own beds and have also donated my work to rescue groups for fund raising purposes.



If you would like to get a dog bed (cover) or kennel blanket please let me know. The custom options include choosing color schemes and size.  Because of the nature of the project, the fabric choices change frequently and you must contact me to find out what is available. Thank you!

Sarah Hailes

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